Why do caring workspaces matter? 

Caring workspaces prioritize caring for each employee equally. They aim to end inequalities stemming from the gendered division of roles in workspaces. In order to become an equal and inclusive workspace; they do research, take action and transform workspaces and workspace practices in an inclusive way.

COVID-19 pandemic brought a new urgency to our inquiries on this subject. Remote work has become widespread and the boundaries of paid and unpaid areas of our lives have been further blurred. As a result, there has been more pressure on working parents. Once again we are reminded of the central role of emotional labor, emotional intelligence, empathy and resilience within the fundamental work responsibilities and skills in work life.


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Spatial dimension

Physical features, working areas, design decisions

Policy dimension

Social rights, policy documents, mechanisms

Programmatic dimension

Working groups, trainings, budgetary decisions


Employee relations, horizontal relations, wellbeing

Beyond the workspace

Beyond our workspaces, relations with outside, environment

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Checklist for a Caring Workspace

What are the different dimensions of a caring workspace? What should we be mindful of? How can we assess our organizations? Our checklist to assess your organization around the five dimensions (spatial, policy, program, community, beyond workspace) is now available.

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