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This report is produced with the purpose of discussing the scope of what constitutes a caring workspace and be instructive for those who want to take steps to becoming one. Prepared as part of the research phase of the project Caring Workspaces, it presents a broad framework for what a caring workspace is, a checklist for organizations to self-assess, and an inventory of a list of inspiring “better stories”.  The scope of the research includes Turkey and European countries.

In trying to understand existing practices of civil society organizations around care, we collected information in two ways: research survey and desk research. The survey was prepared to collect information from stakeholders, partner organizations and field experts in Turkey and Europe. A total of 22 organizations filled out the survey, which proved a rather significant, if not representative sample on the existing policies and practices on the matter.

In desk research, we researched organizations in Turkey and Europe who have online policy documents and strategies about inclusivity and diversity, as well as individuals or organizations that advocate for the rights of civil society professionals. At the same time, we reviewed the literature on this subject including reports, articles and education modules.

Lastly, we organized five focus groups to discuss the scope, conceptual framework and experiences around the notion of caring workspace with participants who have expertise on different aspects of the subject. We incorporated the output gathered from these focus group meetings into the research report.

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