Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

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  • 8 months ago
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Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is an international non-governmental organization with a specific focus on refugee and migrant integration. DRC supports, protects, and advocates for a sustainable future for refugees and displaced people. DRC operates in conflict-affected areas, along the migratory routes, and in countries where refugees settled. 

DRC defines its core values as a humanitarian approach, respect, independence and neutrality, inclusion, honesty, and transparency. 

DRC organizes its activities with beneficiaries within the framework of mutual respect and collaboration and ensures its beneficiaries derive benefits. DRC asks its beneficiaries to have consensual participation in the planning and implementation of its operations. Also, DRC seeks for their perspectives to assess the outcomes.  

DRC is accountable to its beneficiaries, supporters, and partners. Thus, DRC is open and honest about their activities, choices, and situations that may exceed their ability to provide help. Moreover, DRC has a code of conduct that contains the values and rules that DRC and its employees should follow to uphold and safeguard the necessary codes of conduct and avoid misconduct.  

Sources: https://drc.ngo/

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