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Fairbnb.coop is a platform for booking cooperative accommodation, promoting and funding local initiatives and projects that offer the potential for authentic and sustainable travel experiences. Unlike other accommodation booking platforms, on Fairbnb.coop each host has the right to list one home. In this way, Fairbnb is trying to promote more sustainable, authentic, and authentic tourism. It is also not allowed to list properties owned by businesses. The cooperative promises to donate 50 percent of its commission to social projects chosen by residents.

Fairbnb's model is based on collaboration and consensus, prioritizing people before profits. Fairbnb says it is on its way to becoming a home for anyone who wants to join and grow in this solidaristic and participatory model. 

One of Fairbnb's values is collective ownership. Fairbnb.coop says that the platform belongs not to anonymous investors, but to those who use it, and to the hosts, guests, local business owners, and neighbors affected by its use. Created and managed by citizens, Fairbnb.coop ensures that decisions are made for the good of neighborhoods, not for their exploitation.

Fairbnb values democratic governance. To this end, it creates participatory environments where community members can come together and collectively decide how the platform will run in their neighborhoods. Fairbnb.coop works with the local government to enforce regulations that promote sustainable tourism. For transparency and accountability, Fairbnb is committed to open data and compliance with local and regional laws, balanced with the privacy and security needs of platform members. Fairbnb is designing a system where locals can vote to support projects they would like to see in their neighborhoods, such as food co-ops, playgrounds, green projects, cafes, etc. With this system, Fairbnb aims to contribute to social sustainability and engaged the public.

Sources: https://fairbnb.coop/

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