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  • 8 months ago
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The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is a UK-based civil society organization of changemakers working together to transform the economic system. WEAll is driven by a vision to redesign economies around the world to create shared well-being for people and the world by 2040.

WEAll believes that to bring about economic system change, requires a completely different way of participating as an individual in society, moving from "us and them" to "WE All". 5 core values accompany WEAll on the path to transforming the economic system into a "Prosperity Economy". These values are passion, togetherness, care, equality, and honesty.

In terms of caring, WEAll is respectful and understanding of everyone's needs does not target the person when disagreeing with an idea, tries to see each other's humanity, and tries not to be judgmental.

In terms of togetherness, WEAll values togetherness more than agreement and believes that everyone should put the ecosystem above their egos to achieve their goals. It respects diversity and recognizes that everyone is valuable.

In the name of integrity, they respond in real time without letting issues escalate, ensure that what they say and what they do are aligned, and strive for transparency in their work and feedback.

Sources: https://weall.org/about

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