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Who are eligible for nomination?

Caring Workspaces Award is primarily intended for civil society organizations and social enterprises.

Therefore, you may nominate the çivil society organizations and social enterprises whose legal status is of an association, foundation, economic enterprise, commercial foundation, cooperative or company (incorporated, limited, individual proprietorship), and whose main purpose is to develop a solution to social, environmental and cultural issues, and which uses the majority of its surplus income for its main purpose.

How to nominate?

Nomination is quite straightforward. You will see an application form once you click the “Share your story” button on our website. It will only take 10-15 minutes to fill out this form. You will find the necessary details to fill out the form on the website page. Basically, we ask you to explain with less than 300 words why and how the workspace you are sharing is diverse, inclusive and caring. Following your submission, the project team will contact you to finalize your story, and we’re done. After that your story will be accessible from

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Nominations / September 29- November 11: We will be waiting for our followers to share inspiring workspace stories. To nominate, you only need to fill out a short form.

Shortlisting /November 11 - December 1: A shortlist will be made from the long list of nominees. This selection will be done by an experienced jury committee. 

Voting / December 5 – December 23: Shortlisted candidates will be introduced to the public and put to vote. The voting will be done on the Caring Workspaces website. For those who participated in the voting, we will have surprise gift raffles from Postane Dükkan.

Winner Announcement / December 30: The winner will be announced on social media. We will then announce the awards for the winner as well as for the shortlisted candidates.

Award and incentive gifts

The winner will receive an award certificate for being a “Caring Workspace” and a prize, have an opportunity to meet the RESISTIRÉ network and receive a customized care package (training, consultancy, mentorship, venue use, production support) based on its institutional needs. Moreover, other finalists will not be left empty-handed, and they will too receive small prizes. Finally, we will organize giveaways and award our followers who actively participated in the nomination and voting process.

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